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20 OCT 2018 GeNeDis Panel and Exhibition – Gene Editing, sexual reproduction and the arts

  • ArtSciSalon 214 College Street Toronto Canada (map)

Gene Editing, sexual reproduction and the arts: the present, the future, and the imagined. Exhibition and Panel Discussion.

The potentials of genome editing techniques have brought us predictions and critiques that couldn’t look any different: shiny, beautiful, perfect and disease-free prospects of life on the one hand, and a bleak, problematic, segregated, and battled future on the other. These are all projections that look at a maybe-not-so-distant future. But what about the present?

In the exhibition “edited”, four artists rethink the future by critically reflecting on the present. Focusing on themes revolving around sexual reproduction, fertility and sexual technologies, their artworks question unresolved issues in the present that we should address before launching ourselves into the future. Can we find interesting ways to draw attention to them and re-dress how they are currently treated through creative interventions?

In addition to raising awareness about sexism, sexual rigidity and the medicalization of the body, each of these artworks suggests ways in which we might address, redress, hack and reimagine gynecological practice, hormonal management, human enhancement and sexual and cultural identity through the arts.


Andrew Carnie,  UnFolding Sheets

Samira Daneshvar,  The Armamentarium of (Counter) Creation

Byron Rich & Liz Flyntz,  Epicurean Endocrinology, Cooking Sex

Adam Zaretsky, centiSperm, mutaFelch and biPolar Flowers

 Location: The SciArt Cabinets Gallery,
Koffler Student Centre, 214 College Street (entrance from St George),
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2Z9

Opening: Saturday, October 27, 16:00 pm

Curated by: ArtSci Salon – The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences