Masculinizing & Feminizing Meals

Feminizing and Masculinizing Meals presents entire meals intended to promote either feminine or masculine hormone production in the bodies of the eaters. Many foods naturally influence the endocrine system. Body builders use strict diets to promote the shedding of all estrogen and help build maximum muscle tissue.  Naturopaths and Chinese medicine experts use food to help promote fertility and support the physical changes brought about by pregnancy and menopause.  Acute and visible changes to the body’s appearance and function can be engineered through a hormone altering diet.  

For this project, we’ve researched foods which are naturally sex-hormone influencing and developed recipes that combine as many of these foods as possible.  The Feminizing Meal contains a concentrated dose of estrogen and progesterone promoting foods, prepared and presented to draw attention to the culturally feminine conventions around food and eating.  The Masculinizing Meal also contains testosterone promoting foods with a presentation designed to encourage culturally masculine manners and interactions.

The Masculinizing & Feminizing Meals are being produced as part of a culinary arts residency at Craigardan, in the Adirondack High Peaks region of New York.  You can learn more about the Feminizing Meal and see images here, and see more images of the Masculinizing Meal here.